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Aurorosz (english)


Chapter 17





Both Auroros and Simonas were up early in the morning. Herakles was sleeping. Sophitia just got up though she fell asleep not long ago and did not sleep a lot at all.

Loosing her friends and soldiers made her feel painful. She felt especially sad about loosing Nicoleta though she was too young to die. The pain she felt was almost uncomprehending. She tried to cry in way that the other three boys do not hear it. Auroros was just packing a blanket into his bag while he was sitting on her butt and just pulled up hisknees and glanced at Simonas. Are you leaving already? -Asked with bated brath Simonas.- Yeah I have to leave now because it is far away where I want to go to and I do not know what time I am going to be there-replied Auroros.

  • Do not you wait until we get a breakfast? Herakles is sleeping deep anyway-nodded the lying people.

  • I am going to weak him up just before I pack some roasted fish what left over from yesterday. Six pieces are enough for you?

  • Yes of course it is more than enough.. I am going to eat only in the afternoon and if I am right by the night we will already get to the castle of the Dor King.

  • If we hurry, yes-just told Sophitia while she was getting up from her sleepingplace.

  • Good morning said Auroros and Simonas.

  • Good morning replied decently Sophitia and looket at Auroros who was just about to pack. - Are you leaving already?

  • Yes Madam, we have to hurry. Said Auroros and finished packing. He went to Herakles who was still sleeping deep and cowered to him. He gently shaked his friend's shoulder where the lion leather fell off.- Herakles wake up- told silently to him but he did not answered. -Herakles we have to go-he said already louder and shaked his shoulder more. After a while he woke up and twinkled.

  • Is it morning already?- he was daydreaming a little bit but got up and gaped. He had an awful mouth-smell what Auros smelled and just turned away from him.

  • I still could sleep, streched and looked around- are we leaving already?

  • Yes, get dressed and we are leaving-asked the boy but he did not have a lot to dress. He just had to put on the huge lion leather and that was all.

  • Breakfast? I do have breakfast what about you?-looked weird Herakles. My stomach is grumbling.

  • We eat something on the way. Already put away the fishes altogether five of them-he replied. - It will be enough.

  • Fine. I could have caught more fishes who knows what time we will get there-he said and pulled his shoulder. - Are you leaving too or still having a breakfast? -asked Simonas.

  • No we will sleep one more night here.-replied sarcastic Simonas, Herakles apparantely did not pay attention to that. The princess looked angry at Simonas who pretended not to have done anything wrong.- I am going to have a shower-he said gaped and got up. I wash myself usually and you?-He was sarcastic again with Herakles.

  • I do wash myself just not at this time.-replied to him and raised his right arm and smelled his armpit.- I am not smelly so I can wash myself tomorrow.

  • Sophitia looked at Herakles a bit strange but she can not really disagree because she did not have a shower since two days. Now she would like to have a shower as the nature calls but she was afraid to do that. Not just beause of the boys but the water might be too cold for her.

  • I got something to do I will be back in a minute said Sophitia and got up to go away. As soon as she went along to the forest she recognised black eagle that they saw yesterday. It was sitting on a branch of a high tree and was staring at the princess with its deep black eyes. The princess stopped and stared at it. Somehow she had a bad instinct. The eagle just began to move and was approaching the princess with speed and just kept coming and descending. His beak was just like an arrow pointing at the princess. Sophitia was just standing there totally shocked and just stared at the eagle coming more and more closer to her.It was just 50 meters away from her. The black eagle just pulled its wings beside its body and looked like an arrow. Its body was really skiny. Its pen-feather was beautiful and really useful for the glide pointing at the princess. It was almost hitting the frozen princess who could just jump onto the ground in the last minute and avoided the leathel beak of the eagle.

    The black eagle after that just let off its wings and rose up. Screamed like cursing the princess' reflex. The movement she learned back at home at her father's castle. Commander Kheros made her practise this a lot so that she can avoid such an attack. She is still alive because of that reflex. The black eagle now aimed at Auroros who was trying to get to his horse. The eagle was just speeding up.

  • Auroros look out-shouted the princess. -Behind you!

    Auroros heard the princess and turned around. First he saw only the princess lying in the grass but when he looked up where she pointed realized that the eagle is coming down very fast. He jumped on the ground but it was too late. The eagle clawed Auroros on the shoulder. He cried out loudly. Simonas just heard him crying out because he was too far away to hear the princess. As soon as he heard his friend he turned back and began to run up the sloap. He did not see Auroros just Herakles who was trying to get his bow out of the bag, and Sophitia who was standing up from the grass.

  • What on earth are you doing?-shouted at Herakles who already found the bow and the arrows and just aimed at something. As he got up a little bit more he saw lying Auroros in on the ground and Herakles aiming at this direction.

  • Put it down-How dare you?- shouted Simonos at him and pulled out a little dagger from his pocket and jumped on the boy. Herakles fired the arrow and Simonos stopped. He was shocked and just looked at the arrow approaching Auroros. Just now realized Simonos the eagle trying to kill Auroros. Before the eagle catched Auroros lying on the ground it was hit by the arrow under its wing. Becaise of the hit the eagle lost orientation and balance and just

    fell on the ground beside Auroros. Simonas just that Herakles did not target Auroros but saved his life, and now Simonas tried to help Auroros. As he got there Auroros was already half up and helped him all the way through up.

  • Are you all right?-asked Simonas.

  • I am ok it just scratched my shoulder-replied.-but what was that?

  • A rabid bird.-replied Simonas and watched as the bird gets a weird position on the ground. Just after a second it did not resemble a bird any more rather like a black posh that is moving around by itself.

  • This is not a bird. This is the creature of Rykops.- said Auroros. The big black posh just came true and there were four legs coming out of the body then a head and finally it got on feets. All parts of the body were just recognizable. Hair were growing on the body and a big mouth was on the head with sharp teeth.In the end it looked like a mixture of a jackal and a wolf just with bigger teeth and mouth.

  • What the hell is that? -Stunned Simonas. Meanwhile Herakles got there.

  • I have not seen anything like that in my life!-mired Herakles.He heard that Sophitia is running towards them and said- Princess do not come closer. -shouted at her, as the princess got the message and just crouched down.

    The wolfish creature snarled and set back its ears, which made it more living and strained its leg to get ready to jump. Herakles just put another arrow in his bow, and targeted the creature, which was not too big but seemed more dangerous. Simonas stand in front of Auroros holding his dagger in front of him. Then the wolfish creature howled like a wolf and a lynx, and suddenly began to attack them. Jumped to Simonas opening its huge mouth. Herakles shooted and hit it. The creature was hit at its neck and at the front leg. The power of the arrow pushed it aside and landed near Simonas on its side.

  • Nice shoot!-complimented Simonas the boy. But before he relieved he astonished that the creature straight away got up with the arrow on its side.- What the...?-almost became pale. The creature just pulled up the head of the narrow with its teeth and threw it off. The place of the shoot was simply black that joined straight away. The creation looked deep into Auroros' eyes.

  • You can not survive. I am going to kill you all! - said the creation and began to walk around them.

  • What do you want? - Did Rykops send you here? -asked Auroros.

  • I see. The damned nymph told you?-laughed the wolfish creation. -It does not really matter anyway. Nobody can kill me, my body resists any weapon. But you can die.

  • I do not care. I will not let you make a war between people. I am going to stop you at any cost. -Replied Auroros.

  • Oh, just do that.-Replied sarcastic the creation and took a target position again. Herakles threw away his bow and took his dong.

  • Let me handle him Auroros - said Herakles without giving him an option he already targeted the creation. It jumped upon Herakles. He hit the creation with his dong in the air and therefore it just fell onto the ground but got up straight away attacked again. They were all amazed that the creation survived such a hit and it attacked already back. Herakles walked up to the creation. This time the it was more tricking and approached Herakles criss-cross and when it was close enough managed to avoid the hits of Herakles and jumped on him and bit him on his shoulder with its big He just cried out of pain. It hold the boy tight and began to butch. Herakles tried to get rid of the creation but he could not. In the grapple he fell on the ground with the creation and kept trying to get rid of him. Auroros wanted to run there to help Herakles but Simonas stopped him.

  • Do not do that. You have no chance.-banned Simonas. - I have a better idea. -Simonas took his dagger in his hand and targeted the fighters. Auroros saw what his friend is up to and grabbed his shoulder. -Calm down. Just trust in me! He hounded Auroros and after a carefully aiming Simonas threw the dagger. One of the fighters who were ten feets away got hit.


(To be continued in my novel.)


Daniel Silen



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